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Harry Dyson 22 Apr 2016
    My son has been in scouting for 4 years. He is now a Webelo, and loving it. I can't believe that it's taken 4 years to learn about this site. I think it's an awesome way for the scouts to learn about what scouting is like from another scout from a different part of the world.
    Saludos a todos mis hermanos del mundo un fuerte abrazo y apretón de mano izquierda.¡Scouts Siempre, Listos para Servir!
mario pimienta 24 Jun 2016
    Buenas tardes Amigos Scouts del Mundo, hoy estoy participando activamente en el movimiento scout en Brazil, soy Radioaficionado Scout y soy responsable por la Estacion de Radio de mi Grupo Scout. Agradezco la oportunidad de me expresar aqui para con mis hermanos scout, si alguien me quiere agregar en Facebook: MARIO PIMIENTA, soy PY4MRP radioaficionado scout, un gran abrazo para todos y un apreton de izquierda, SIEMPRE LISTO PARA SERVIR, MARIO
Jesucristo Raúl Armando Guzmán Restrepo 24 Aug 2016
    Que buen instrumento de conocimiento y relación es esta pa´gima. Siempre Listos.
HATUNGIMANA Ephrem 6 Sep 2016
    If all people from the World were Scouts and Girl Guides,the World would become a paradise.
Fernando Cotes Moises 16 Sep 2016
    Excelente página, espero seguir realizando compras; es muy entretenida y fácil de usar. Un abrazo desde Colombia - Región Santander !!!
Alexia Maria Gómez LLano 6 Oct 2016
    hey! hola
Les mando un gran saludo desde Salamnca, provincia Guanajuato 1. distrito 2.
Siempre Lista Para Servir. Un fuerte apretón de mano izquierda.
Cathy Williams 25 Nov 2016
    I am new to the World Scout Shop, but looking forward to getting things that come up from time and again at such a reasonable price and shipping to the United States of America.
Thami Hulana 12 Dec 2016
    hi to everyone i am from South Africa i still enjoy being a South African boy Scout its has taught me a lot Trusty, honest and brotherly. and i will like to meet other scout in next Jamboree i have 21yrs in scouting
    I enjoy the scouting offers and other information that World Scout shop has. I been in scouting since 1956 and still involved. I am a Unit Commissioner and will be attending Philmont Training Center this year in June 2017. I am also a member of the Wood Badge and Order of the Arrow as well. Scouting did a lot for me.
Miguel Pamies 11 Sep 2017
    Buena Tienda.
Conrad Gausmann 21 Sep 2017
    Ayy, Hello from the USA!
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